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Gluten Free

Our salami is produced by our master artisans according to an ancient peasant tradition: using only Italian pork meat and the best and typical ingredients, in order to obtain a salami with an unmistakable taste. The ruby red color, the intense aroma that is released once cutting a slice and the delicate flavor make this salami a small jewel (or maybe a prince) of the typical local cured meat production. The traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation within the family combined with modern technological innovations, together with the care and attention put in the preparation, have allowed us to keep our salami as good and as traditional as this product should be. It is also known as “gentle" salami, so defined by the type of gut used in the production. This type of casing identifies the highest quality among salami.

Salami has to be eaten sliced, possibly by hand. It is necessary to remove the skin before cutting the slices diagonally to get to a oval shape that should measure almost twice the diameter of the salami. Tradition establishes that the slices should have a thickness of about a grain of pepper to taste the salami at its best.

Once you have started slicing it, salami can be stored in the refrigerator (in the wine cooler, if there is one), covering the cut part with cling film.

Our cured meats come from pigs that are born, raised slaughtered and transformed in Italy

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