Salumificio Ravanetti San Michele Tiorre Parma - Coppa di Parma IGP

Gluten Free

This delicious cured meat comes from the pork neck muscle that, after skilful trimming, is salted and spiced in compliance with the production regulation and according to our typical family recipe. The Coppa taste is determined by the gradual and long-lasting maturation. The softness and sweetness of this cold cut are the result of the salting, strictly carried out by hand, and the skilful and delicate massaging of the meats. It is then stuffed in natural gut and tied with natural fiber twine. Later on, it undergoes a drying and aging process until the desired characteristics of weight, fragrance and texture are achieved. The cut slice reveals a variegated combination of lean ruby red and pinkish fat in the right proportions, so that lean is predominant over fat. This proportion ensures the taste and sweetness typical of our Coppa di Parma PGI.

The outer casing and the rope must be removed up to the point where you want to slice Coppa di Parma PGI. In case the coppa turns out to be hard due to its long ageing, it is recommended to wrap it for a whole day in a towel soaked with white wine 

The slices do not have to be too thick and are excellent served as an appetizer or second course. Combine them with a not too savoury bread in order to fully enjoy the sweetness of this cold cut.

Once opened it is important to store it in the refrigerator (possibly in the wine cooler, if there is one), protecting the cut part with cling film, and then wrapping it in a cotton cloth slightly moistened with water.

Our cured meats come from pigs that are born, raised slaughtered and transformed in Italy.

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