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Gluten Free

Our cotechino and our mariola are obtained from the processing of solely Italian pork, skillfully grinding pork meat (head and muscle excluded), pork rind, pork fat and mixtures of salt and spices according to the traditional recipe of our company. They are typical Emilia-Romagna products, with an unmistakable rich and savoury taste, stuffed in natural gut casing and tied by hand. The love and detailed care in the production, the selection of raw materials and the goodness of the ingredients make Ravanetti's cotechino and mariola unmissable classics.

To get to the right consistency and to maintain all the characteristics of taste and aroma, cotechino or mariola must be immersed in a pot full of unsalted cold water until completely covered by water (after having removed vacuum packaging, in case there is any), then brought to boil and cooked over low heat for about 3 hours. Any Once cooked, slice cotechino or mariola, remove the outer casing and enjoy warm. We suggest the consumption as tradition wants: with boiled lentils or mashed potatoes and combined with wines of strong character, both sparkling or firm, according to taste.

Once cooked it is advisable to consume them within two or three days, keeping them in the refrigerator and heating them up thoroughly before eating.


Our cured meats come from pigs that are born, raised slaughtered and transformed in Italy.

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