Salumificio Ravanetti San Michele Tiorre Parma - Culatta senz’osso
Gluten Free

Traditional and historical cured meat of the city of Parma, our culatta with rind is exclusively obtained from the inner portion of the Italian pork leg. It is an inimitable product with a delicate taste, expertly salted by hand and that distinguishes itself by rarity and delicacy. It is externally protected by a portion of rind and by grease on the muscle part without rind: these peculiarities allow a long maturation of the product in traditional cellars, maintaining the characteristics of softness and aroma. The boneless culatta is the most practical version to slice with respect to the bone-in one.

Before slicing, it is necessary to trim away the grease and the rind starting from the thickest part and continuing up to the point where you intend to cut the last slice. The product is suitable to be consumed as an appetizer, as a second course or as an ingredient in culinary preparations. Due to its versatility and use in the kitchen, culatta with rind combines well with different types of wine, both sparkling and firm, according to taste.


It is recommended to protect the cut part with cling film and then wrap the product in a dishcloth, before storing it in the refrigerator (in the wine cooler, if there is one).


Our cured meats come from pigs that are born, raised slaughtered and transformed in Italy

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