Salumificio Ravanetti San Michele Tiorre Parma - Pancetta di Parma
Gluten Free

Pancetta Ravanetti (bacon) is a sweet and soft cured meat with a mild and enticing scent. These characteristics derive from skilful processing techniques such as hand salting and long maturation. For its production, we exclusively use meat from Italian pigs. It is available both with and without the rind. When cut, the slices appear white and pink, satisfying the eye and the most demanding palates. This is thanks to the slow and natural aging in traditional cellars.

If present, it is necessary to remove the rind and the rope that ties it. It is excellent eaten with fresh toasted warm bread or with a slice of crispy polenta or torta fritta.

Once opened it must be stored in the refrigerator (in the wine cooler, if there is one), protecting the exposed part with a cling film.


Our cured meats come from pigs that are born, raised slaughtered and transformed in Italy

Salumificio Ravanetti

Via I° Maggio N°2

San Michele Tiorre 43030 [PR]


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